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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read below for common questions concerning tattoos at Hard Knock Ink.


Do I need an appointment?  

By appointment only.


My underage child would like to get a tattoo; can you tattoo them with a parent’s signature?  

HKI will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.


Do I need to do anything prior to my appointment?

Do not use drugs and/or alcohol before getting a tattoo. Please eat a good meal before arriving for your appointment.


Do you do piercings?  

HKI does not offer piercing at this time.



What are the aftercare instructions for the tattoo?


  • If bandaged, wash hands and remove bandage after 3 hours.

  • Immediately wash with warm water and a mild soap. Repeat until tattoo is no longer glazed. (Avoid using a washcloth on tattoo until healed.)

  • Pat or dab dry.

  • Allow tattoo to air dry for @ least 10 minutes before covering with clothing.

  • Apply a very light film of Bacitracin, Neosporin, or Triple Antibiotic Ointment. 

  • Do not re-bandage tattoo.

  • On the 3rd day stop using the ointment. Apply a fragrance free lotion or cream. Apply @ least 3 times daily.

  • The sun will fade your tattoo; once your tattoo is healed, apply sun block.

  • Your tattoo will itch, avoid scratching and apply a mild unscented lotion or cream to stop the itching. 

  • No swimming or soaking the tattooed area for @ least 4 weeks or until the tattoo is healed.

  • Wear loose clothing to allow tattooed area to breathe.

  • Avoid working out; profuse sweating will distort the tattoo.

  • Average healing time is 7-14 days.


Any questions? call 570-385-4465. 


We carry a full line of aftercare products to ensure you'll heal healthy!  Ask about H2Ocean!  

Tuesday - Saturday :1pm - 8pm
Sunday: Closed
Monday:  Closed
By Appointment Only
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