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               As many of you know my name is Phil, I love being a tattoo artist and artist in general, it has been my life. I am blessed that I get to do what I love day in & day out. You never stop learning, and I am constantly and consistently working on being a better artist.


               My work is original art that I customize for each client. If you see work on someone else that you love, that's okay, I will work with you to make it your own piece, our own piece of art. My job is to make sure you have a memorable and comfortable experience when you get tattooed. People are always commenting about how comfortable they are while getting tattooed or meeting me for the first time.


               I learned 2 things from an old time tattooist; 1) It's going to be on your body the rest of your life, shouldn't it be the Best

 2) Cheap tattoos are not good, and Good tattoos are not cheap.


               Whether it's a small piece or an entire body suit, I put my whole heart and soul into every piece.  









Tuesday - Saturday :1pm - 8pm
Sunday: Closed
Monday:  Closed
By Appointment Only
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